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Register to Vote in  Langebaan for 2024 Elections

Why should I register in Langebaan?

Everyone should vote
Register to vote for 2024

If you just move here recently, and fell in love with Langebaan, or member of your family turned 18,  one of the most important things you can do for this town, is to get yourself registered for Elections.


The next elections will be in 2024. For this National and Provincial Election in 2024, you will only be allowed to vote, where you are registered. Therefore, if you have been registered before, you need to re-register yourself to vote in Langebaan. Also if you changed your home address since last election in 2021. 

Why should I register?

Your vote is vital important for the town as it determines annual spend from the Municipal Budget. The more people are registered in a town, the more money gets allocated.  The total registration in the Saldanha Bay Municipal area, also determine the annual allocation from National Government to our Municipality as part of the equitable share and creates vital stats for forward planning of Langebaan.

Who can register?  You need to be:

  •  South African citizen

  • be at least 18 years old in 2024.

  • have a green bar-coded ID book or smart ID card. NO PASSPORT.

How can i check where i am registered?

Visit the IEC office at Skool Street, Vredenburg, or send ID number to 32810. If not registered in Langebaan, please complete  form and registration can be done at your home, at your own convenience.

As a resident and property owner, show that you care for the beautiful Langebaan and its future.  PLEASE REGISTER. 

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