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What is new in Langebaan?

                         New business in town

Langebaan is in a constant state of change, keeping even lifelong locals on their toes. But in our unpredictable age, it can be especially hard to keep track of what is new, opening soon or when did it opened. So, Love Langebaan would like to welcome and introduce the following new businesses for you to explore.

New Mall- Nautica

 Langebaan has a new mall ,called Nautica, and  opened  November 2023 with 25 shops, next to the existing Laguna Mall. Find a variety of new shops to visit. New Spar, Mica, barber shop, coffeeshop, biltong shop, laundry, electronics, are some of new shops in Nautica mall.

Arial view of new Naurica mall in Langebaan
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