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Helping Hands

Community Charity Projects

We all have the desire to declutter our living space or sometimes just want to change things.The saying goes: "...Out with the old and  in with the new..." So what do you do with the things you do not need?  Why not donate it to Langebaan community projects, where they can sell it off, to generate funds.  You not only contribute to make life easier for those in need,support a needy cause, but also provide second time L VE to the things that were dear to you. 

Animal Care in  Langebaan

Langebaan Animal Care

The focus is on preventing neglect and abuse of domestic pets. Educate the public on animal care and have a shelter for lost or abandoned pets. They have weekly community clinics and find new homes for pets. Their shop is located at  Swemmer Park.

Contact number : 083 396 7198


St Helena Sandveld Hospice

Maybe the wardrobe needs a change, or clothes just take to much space, why not donate them to be sold off. This project focuses on selling clothes, to generate funds for home based palliative care. The shop is located in Antonio Sieni street, next to OK supermarket.

Hospice in Langebaan
P.L.A.Y community organisation in Langebaan

Parents Lobbying for Active Youth

P.L.A.Y. have a monthly craft market where stalls rent is used to do community projects, of which the skateboard park is one establishment

Jumpstart Community Centre

Based at the Beacon Church, this project focus on addressing the social-economic needs of the poor and  vulnerable.

Jumpstart Community Project
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