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Event Planning

Think of planning an event in Langebaan ? This could be any Indoor or outdoor activity, festival, fun run, sporting event, conference, trade show , beach event or any other major gathering. It is important to note that very strict rules and regulations are applicable to organise, any event, under the Municipal By-Law and Events Permitting Policy. 

Event Permission

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Nothing showcases the West Coast culture and character more than an event, that draw crowds, but before the crowds can arrive, lots of planning, time and requirements are needed, before an event can take place.

Event permits are required to conduct events of 20 people or more in any public place, on public property or even on private property. Permits are  required if an event requires municipal services, involve the erection and utilisation of temporary structures, generate air pollution, have implications for public safety  or amplified sound that will be audible to the surrounding area. Any event that  gives access to the public, will need an event permit.Events are categories  (small = under 2000, medium= under 10 000 or large) by attendees and could require up to 20 working days for a  response  to an  Event Permit Application, from  the Municipality. Fees are  also applicable.

Special requirements/certificates or approvals  are needed, before Application will be considered:

  • Insurance- indemnity cover for third party liability claims

  • Contingency plan - for safety and security services, emergency services, municipal services

  • Public notice- letter drop to affecting residents and businesses and notice in local newspaper.

  • Temporary structure- like seating stands, stages, tents, scaffoldings require an engineering certificate

  • Ammunition, explosives, flammable liquids or fire used - permission from SAPS

  • Fixed wing aircraft and helicopters- permission from SA Civil Aviation Authority

  • Remotely piloted aircraft systems- RPAS operate certificate

  • Motorised watercraft- skipper licence by SA Maritime Safety Authority

  • Children under 15 years- employed to perform advertising, artistic or cultural activities-  comply with Section 10 of Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

  • Animals- perform, exhibited, trained or use for safeguarding- Licence of person in charge of animals

  • Outdoor advertising and signage - Municipal Outdoor Advertising By- Law.

  • Catering/food vendors- valid  licence and certificate from Municipality

  • Sale of Liquor-  liquor licence, consent of owner of premises

  • National/Provincial Road- permission from Western Cape Traffic Police

  • National Park or reserve- permission from SA National Parks

  • Generators, lighting, cabling- permission Electricity Department at Municipality

  • Cleaning- Waste Management Department at Municipality

It depends on the type of event, other requirements can also be applicable ,therefore enough time should be allocated for permissions from all relevant authorities as per Application Form. 

As this is just a brief summary, more detail can be obtained from the Municipal Events Officer - or from the Economic Development Department,Saldanha Bay Municipality, Manager- Mr Charles Barends at 022- 701 6982  or

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