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Paradise Beach

The most northern neighbourhood in Langebaan, called Paradise Beach, has developed as a little "Greek village", along the lagoonside.It consists of  239 private owned residential properties in a 24h security complex and is only accessible through  Club Mykonos Resort. It has a Homeowners Association, levy and strict architectural guidelines. 

Some history...

In the 1990's, Club Mykonos as a  timeshare resort, was under severe financial pressure. Its holding company, Masterbond, was liquidated and the only asset the Resort had to pay back investors, was vast amount of vacant land. The Resort under management of GM Phil Calothi, decided to venture into residential developments. The first private owned residential development, The Waterfront,  was sold out within 7 days in December 1996. This was located at the most southern part of the Resort. Due to this massive success, Mykonos decided to sell the next residential development, Paradise Beach, at the most northern part of the Resort. This development was launched in 1997, selling vacant land for R69 000 and beachfront plots for R329 000 (transfer included). All 239 plots were sold out in 3 months and infrastructure and transfer took 2 years to complete.  

Architectural guidelines

Paradise  Beach Estate, created the "Greek island" look, through the contemporary Mediterranean design style. On the natural sloping hill, you will find  white, flat roofed buildings with either light blue, grey or turquoise external doors, windows or shutters.  

The average erf size is 400 m2. The height restriction varies from 7,5m (double) to 4,5m single storey, creating sea views for every dwelling.  Each erf has a  single zero building line option and all garages must have a set back of 4,5m from the street boundary. Sea views are from north to south, but reflecting glare off the water is very strong from the west.

To create a strong aesthetic look, all flat roofs must be concealed behind a beam or parapet and all rainwater downpipes, gutters, air conditioning units, satellite dishes and gas bottles may not be visible. 


 The following are not allowed: 

  • Thatch, corrugated iron or transparent roof sheeting

  • No shade cloth allowed 

  • No metal cowls for fireplaces or chimneys

  • No external burglar bars, roller shutters or trellidors

  • No wrought iron, steel or aluminium balustrading

  • Boundary walls not exceeding 2,5m and  must be smooth plastered.

Latte and domes are allowed.

All owners are members of the Homeowners Association and levies are payable monthly.  These levies are used for landscaping, security services, maintenance and repairs to roads, sewerage system, boardwalk etc. The levy for 2023/2024 is R1425,90 per month, per dwelling. 


Strict security is in place and a security guard house controls all entrance and exit.


Paradise Beach, residential development in Langebaan
The unspoilt beauty of the beach at Paradise Beach, Langebaanh
The safe and protected beach at Paradise Beach, Langebaan
Arial view of Paradise beach, Langebaan
Security entrance to paradise Beach
Prime residential development, Paradise Beach, Langebaan
Living the Greek style at Paradise Beach, Langebaan
Living at its best at Paradise Beach, Langebaan
Secluded and safe beach at paradise Beach, Langebaan
When only the best, will do...

Although strict rules and regulations are in place, Paradise Beach is the perfect neighbourhood for exclusivity of prime lagoonside living. Here you will experience a feast for the soul and the senses. The silence of a magical morning, the azure blue sea, the powdery beach that stretch for miles and being preserved from the summer gale winds...


But,benefit from being walking distance to all the activities, amenities and entertainment of Club Mykonos  and town.


 "...EFCHARISTO..." (  thank you= Greek),for the difficulty for general public to get access to your beach  and therefore only you and your neighbours can enjoy a "...KALIMERA..." (good morning) and "...KALISPERA..." (good evening) in your GREEK West Coast paradise! 

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