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Municipal Services

What services can I expect from the Municipality?

The Saldanha Bay Municipality render primary and secondary  services to all ratepayers, residents and businesses through consumption of municipal services.The primary service responsibility of the Municipality are water supply, electricity, refuse removal  and sewerage.   

Water Supply
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One of the most basic human needs are, the consumption of water. The Municipality is mandated through the Constitution of South Africa, to provide the availability of drinkable water to all its residents.Through a pipe network, water is provided to every household. Langebaan gets its water from the Voelvlei Dam, near Paarl. It gets pumped, to be cleaned, at the Withoogte Water Distribution Centre, near Moorreesburg. The Municipality buys bulk water from the District Municipality and stored it in 3 reservoirs. The one located in Saailand supply Mid Town & Myburgh Park. The one located in Fairway, provides water to the Country Estate and Country Club and the one at Olifantskop, to Mykonos surrounding areas.Water is tested on a regular basis to make sure it meets standards of consumption. As a consumer, you will pay for consumption, based on an annual tariff per unit, but will also pay a monthly basic fee for availability, to make sure that holiday homes also contribute to maintenance costs.  


It is important to note, that Saldanha Bay Municipality is position right at the end of the Water Supply network in the Western Cape and therefore  a water scarce area and very vulnerable to water availability. In 2019, with the drought, Saldanha Bay came very close to day zero and end up with less than  24 hours of water supply and to prevent such a situation again, water should be used and managed scarce fully. Consumers are priced at level 1-5, depends on the water restrictions level.Water availability fee is R115.20 (excl VAT-2023) for everyone and then priced at different categories on different levels.  Categories are 0-6 kl,  7-20 kl, 21-30 kl, etc. The more you use, the more you will pay per kilolitre. Smart water metres are installed to every household and tampering with metres are a criminal offence. 



Electricity Supply
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Electricity is provided via ESKOM to residents.Unfortunately, all the areas north of The Cove, including Long Acres are directly supplied by only ESKOM and  communication regarding all electricity matters need to go via ESKOM Call Centre.Lots of patience is required, dealing with them.


When phoning ESKOM Call Centre, remember to have the following info available:  

  • account number (REMEMBER to get Reference number)

  • meter number  &   pole number

  • address details &  contact details


Very few conventional electricity meters are still in place, as most are pre paid. Electricity can also be purchases from most supermarkets. All accounts are payable by the 15th of each month. Cutting will be done from the 20th of each month.

Service charges depends on connection size and varies from 20 & 30 ampere or 40, 60,80 Ampere Single phase or 20,40,80 Ampere Three Phase. Commercial and industrial have different tariffs.

Southern side : Report defects or dead street lights to Langebaan Municipality at 022-707 5000. Tampering with eletricity boxes or illegal connections are a criminal offence. 

Refuse Removal 

Another Municipal Service is the removal of household refuse on a weekly basis. Langebaan collection day is WEDNESDAYS. Homeowners are responsible  to make sure that wheelie bins are accessible and should be placed on the curb. No building rubble may be placed in bins and the cleaning of bins is the owners responsibility. Even if service is not used, the monthly fee of R282,21 is payable. Each household is entitled to one bin and replacement of damaged bins can be requested at               022-707 5000. The waste site at Langebaan is only a transfer station as old dumping site has been rehabilitated. Any excess waste,like building material, or massive clean ups, have to be transported at own cost to transfer station. Illegal dumping is a criminal offence.


To provide a healthier and greener environment to its residents, Langebaan does recycling by a private vendor, on the same day. Put all you recycled waste in clear bags and put it next to bin.Bags will be provided for free and extra bags are  available at Municipal offices. Of all residents in Langebaan, 45 % recycle weekly and contribute that the Municipality is the second best in SA, in terms of recycling. Please save our environment, show you care and recycle! Special provision is made for e-waste, like computers and all electronic devices, that can be delivered at depot. For additional waste rent a skip, various sizes from different companies and report illegal dumping  to Law Enforcement at 022- 701 6912.

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Council rebates and incentives, graveyard, noise population, street maintenance, who to call, permits, library, taxis and transport,solar, roads, 

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