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Leentjiesklip , Langebaan provides all year holiday feeling for its residents


For an all year holiday feeling 
@ Langebaan

Plett homes in Leentjiesklip

Midway between old and new Langebaan, along Jan Olafsson Drive, is the Leentjiesklip Caravan Park. Inside this Municipal Resort, are 115 plett homes, privately owned, with an average coverage of 90 m2. Mostly used as holiday homes, there are a few owners that made it their permanent residence and most of them have been converted into beautiful beach retreats.

The biggest advantage of this cosy neighbourhood, is its location so close to the beach, free security as part of the Resort, and no rates and taxes payable. The reason for this, as the biggest negative, is that the property land on which it is situated, is never yours. It belongs to the Municipality and you lease it from Council.Therefore, the property can only be bought cash (no bond) and the risk is that the lease agreement can be cancelled and then all the structures must be removed.The footprint is restricted and any renovation and extensions, are subject to Council approval.There is no Homeowners Association, with no levy fees, but it do have a Chalet/Plett Homeowners Association, that manages their affairs. There is no particular architectural style, but is fully service with all municipal services. Rental fees (2023)  are around R1200  per month. Highest sold price was R1,8 million.

These Plett homes may occupy maximum of 6 people. No tents are allowed for additional accommodation, parking is limited, no holiday rentals are allowed, and owners and guests may not  use the Resort's ablution facilities. Guests of  homeowners  will be charged daily visitors fees and garages are available to rent from the Municipality, for additional storage.

For many years the owners had tried to purchase the Resort from the Municipality, but negotiations  have been unsuccessful.So, although strict rules and regulations are applicable, this is still the cheapest option available to buy property in Langebaan, so close to the beach. If you like to be surrounded by visitors in their caravans and into the holiday vibe- this could be the place for you!


Plett living in Leentjiesklip
Security entrance at leentjiesklip
Beach access at leentjiesklip
Leentjiesklip, Caravan park
Leentjiesklip has a perfect location on the lagoon of Langebaan
Perfect beach for the residents at Leentjiesklip
acess to the beach at Leentjesklip
Great beach for leisure at Leentjiesklip
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