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"...Some are born in Langebaan. Some stay. Some visit. ALL ARE WELCOME!..."

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 Love Langebaan was created as  an one -stop  information platform for all residents, visitors and businesses in Langebaan.   It takes time to capture all content and we apologies if some of our pages lack information, but we work on it, daily.  Please make contact with us with any comments or suggestions at   as we look forward to hear from you!


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As the most popular holiday destination on the "Weskus", with never-ending activities to have fun in the sun, and its continuous growing population, that makes good time a top priority, it seems like there would never be time for business in Langebaan. But you will be surprised! 

This town works just as hard as it plays and has rise to become one of the best places to do business, especially focusing on the hospitality and tourism industry. It also has on its doorstep( 20 kilometers away), the deepest natural harbour in the Southern Hemisphere, the Port and the Saldanha Industrial development Zone (IDZ). The Fishing Industry, with Sea Harvest as the biggest player, is around the corner. Langebaan also offers a thriving building- and service industry, with more than one  central business district (CBD).  With a creative spirit, any willing entrepreneur, can create  a successful business in the "Pearl of the West Coast."


Langebaan offers a diverse economy. The beautiful and safe lagoon is internationally known as one of the best Wind- and kitesurfing  destinations. Its scenic beauty makes it very popular for film and advertising shoots. Many new businesses and entrepreneurs are attracted to Langebaan, because of reasonable cost of living, vast amount of economic opportunities, quality of life and a laid back lifestyle that demonstrates the cross between commerce and culture.


In recent years, Langebaan has seen an influx of young professionals, who viewed the town as a new frontier, creating an increasing attractive pool of talented professionals and the massive immigration from other provinces, because of a stable and Good Governance ( Saldanha bay rated as best Municipality in SA- Rating Africa 2021/2022). This created a hotbed for business startups.

But it is not only about new opportunities. Many businesses have been operating successfully for decades and created  a track record of excellent service  and through our DIRECTORY below, you can explore who to contact and what resources are available.


Start a new business
Register your business
Business Support
Business Events Planning
Signage and Advertising
Commercial property
Environmental health
Business permits & licenses
Emergency Numbers

EMERGENCY NUMBERS         Langebaan

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022-707 5140
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022-707  5140
Langebaan Day Hospital 
087 470 0883
Vredenburg Provincial Hospital 022- 709 7200
West Coast Private Hospital
022-719 1030
Clinic                  022-77 20017


  • 24 hr Call Centre   022-701 7061

  • Municipal Office (Lbn)022- 707 5000

  • Law Enforcement   022-701 7061

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safety & security

Neighbourhood Watch

083 325 4311

Security Response:

  • Byers       0860 18 16 18

  • MSS         021-007 1341

  • Wolf         087 940 4911

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emergency response

Atlantic Medical Response

073 970 3334

West Coast Medical Rescue

081 829 3355

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sea rescue

NSRI/ Sea Rescue

082 990 5966

Port Control

022- 714 1726

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  • Garage

  • Emergency Breakdown

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Special Assistance

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enforcement    &

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